How to make a reservation?

The reservations can be done by letter, fax, telephone, e-mail or by our online reservation in our website, with the security they will be attended immediately. At the moment of the reservation we require a deposit of the 40% of the total price and a copy of the receipt of the payment if it’s necessary. In other case the reservation will be considered cancelled.

How to make the payment of the deposit?

With your credit card through our online reservation system or by bank transfer to one of the following bank accounts:
Bank : Caixa Penedes : Plaça Major, 5 . 17490 Llançà - Espagne
Bank account number Spain: 2081-0281-88-5213000733
Code Bancaire International (IBAN): ES28 2081.0281.88.5213000733

When does the rest of the rental has to be paid?

The remaining amount of the reservation (60%) and extras, has to be paid on your arrival; at the moment you come to collect the keys, by cash or credit card.

Is there any deposit?

There is a security deposit required between 200 € and 600 € with credit card, that will be cancelled when the agency revises the apartment with a maximum of 7 days after your depart.
We remind you, that are at the clients charge all the reparations and breaking of material due to a bad use of them and that the apartment must be returned in the perfect cleaning conditions, in other case you will have to pay the cleaning, that costs between 45 € and 115 €.

What services doesn’t the price include? What do you have to bring?

The price doesn’t include bed sheets, towels and the final cleaning.

  • 1 pair of bed sheets:10€/stay/person
  • 1 pair of towels:7€/stay/person
  • 1 extra bed:21€/week
  • 1 cradle:21€/week
  • 1 baby chair:21€/week

What do I have to bring with me?

The bed sheets and the towels, and if you want to, tablecloths and tea towels.

What services does the rental price include?

Water, electricity and gas (in exception of apartments with heating) are included. The apartments with air conditioning have a consumption limit of 20 € per week, the rest will have to be paid. There are also at client’s disposition, previous reservation, cots and high-chairs for children.

At what time can you occupy the apartment?

The apartments are available from 16:00 o’clock of the first day of your reservation. During the months of July and August, on Saturday between 16 and 19 o clock. If you should arrive on Sunday or a feast day, you have to make an appointment directly with Blauhouse.

What would happen if you couldn’t occupy the apartment the day you have reserved?

Blauhouse doesn’t compromise to reserve the contracted apartment, in exception that the client has notified the agency of his delay, with no reduction on the rental price.

What penalizations are there for cancelling a reservation?

The compensation that will be applied on your deposit (40%) will be the following:
- 25% if the cancellation is made more than 6 weeks before the date of entry (minimum charge 100€).
- 50% if the cancellation is made between 6 and 4 weeks before the date of entry.
- 100% if the cancellation is made less than 4 weeks before the date of entry.

Is there any kind of insurance?

We recommend that you contract a personal insurance in case of cancellation, personal assistance or any other unexpected problem during your stay.

What is forbidden?

It is forbidden to accommodate a major number of persons that the ones who correspond to the maximum capacity of the rented apartment, also as bringing pets without the agency’s allowance. The client has to respect the community rules, especially for the use of the barbecue and swimming-pool, and regarding the night rest between 23 an 8 a clock.

What happens if I break material of the accommodation or do provoke any damage?

You have to replace it or repair it on your own charge, or if you prefer it, communicate it to Blauhouse as soon as possible, to provide you this service.

Are any animals allowed?

Not at all, except they have been admitted before from Blauhouse. The stay of animals causes a supplement of 45€, to cover the fees of an extra cleaning. In NO CASE , the “potentially dangerous animals” registered in the law 5011999, are allowed.

At what time do you have to quit the apartment?

The apartments have to be free before 10:00 o’clock of the last day of your reservation. Blauhouse will revise systematically every accommodation, that is why it is necessary to make an appointment, if it is not like this, Blauhouse will be there about 10 o clock in the morning. Any delay on your departure will be penalized with a full day rental fee.

What would happen if for forced reasons you couldn’t occupy the reserved apartment?

Blauhouse reserves the right, for forced reasons or alienates to the will of the agency, to substitute the apartment for another of the same characteristics or, in case of non conformity from the client, to cancel the contract recuperating the whole amount of the deposit.

What do I have to do, when the gas bottle is empty?

In those accommodations with a gas bottle, it is possible that the gas bottle finishes. In those cases, you have to go to the gas bottle shop, with your rental contract and passport and ask for a new gas bottle, to account of Blauhouse.

What kind of voltage do we have in Spain?

The voltage is 220 V, and 50 Frequency Hz. The plugs are 2 round sticks or with 2 round sticks and lateral contacts.

Is the water of your apartment drinkable?

The tap water is drinkable in all the accommodations of Blauhouse. However, it tastes of chlorine. That is why you can buy water in bottles for your consumption. The rental price includes the consumption of water, but we ask you for a reasonable consumption, because of the big problem of water which exists in our region.

Do there WIFI zones exist in Llançà?

The town hall of Llançà has created several WIFI areas in Llançà, ask for them in the tourist information of Llançà.

Where do I throw away the garbage?

What kind of waste are recycled? When do I throw away the garbage? Llançà has 4 types of garbage collection: paper/glass/packaging and plastics/the rest.

What do I have to do, if I forget some personal things of mine in the accommodation?

Contact Blauhouse as soon as possible, Blauhouse will send your personal things by COD mail.

What do I have to do, if I fall ill during my holidays?

In case of falling ill and being European citizen, you can receive medical assistance, when you go an agency of the social security and ask for a print health coverage ( E-111), known as the European Health Insurance Card, which is valid in the European countries. If you take any medicine, be provisional and take more with you and know the name of the medicine in our country. We recommend you a travel insurance with assistance service.